Cocos Creator 3.0 with Nakama

Hello everyone ,
i want to use Cocos Creator 3.0 to make a multiplayer FBinstant game , i want to achieve this using Nakama server .

i have installed Nakama in my Cocos Project using npm i @heroiclabs/nakama-js ,
the issue is since Cocos Creator 3.0 supports only Typescript , how can i access to Nakama js API using Typescript .


NPM is not supported currently. It will be supported in 3.0 RC. You may use this library now by:

  • Grab the dist files of that library into project assets folder.
  • Open editor, select the dist file(s) and check Load as plugin, Load in editor, Load in preview in inspector.
  • Use global variables to access that library.

Thank you @shrinktofit for the assist , i really appreciate it .

Most of the Nakama api dist Files are in Typescript, i couldn’t fin an option to load these file as plugin

instead i have imported the other js files as plugin :



This is the dist folder :

i can do something like

var client : Client = new Client("defaultkey", "", "7350",false);

Without getting any types errors but when i run the game , i get these error :


I have fixed this by adding only nakama-js.umd.js to the assets folder and importing the script as plugin


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