Cocos Creator 3.0 release date and news?


Im new to Cocos Creator, currently using 2.4.2 and I see that in that launcher an early version of 2.4.3 is available but I also noticed multiple places people mention 3.0 to come but I cant find any info about it.

Is there any release date and any information what features and improvements it is going to bring?
Wondering why there is so little info shared about it. Is it just too soon or there is nothing worth mentioning really?
Would be nice to have a public roadmap for Cocos Creator.


2.4.3 drops 9/30.

3.0 will have a public beta around 10/15.

All of this has been answered previously. Please use the search feature to help find answers to questions.

I did and I do but could not find lot of info about it, was wondering if is there any more to it. Did not cross this roadmap anywhere, going to use google and bing in the future.

Thanks. :+1:

Maybe the main pinned post on the forum - [Cocos Creator 2019 Roadmap (updated August 2019)] needs to be updated?

Ah the roadmap is pinned?
I always go to latest straight away, I did not see it there :rofl:

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