Cocos Creator Roadmap (2021 and beyond)

The future of Cocos Creator is looking pretty amazing!


There are also a few surprise platforms coming in 2021 that will truly delight and amaze. I can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet :slight_smile:


Please guys don’t use PhysX, or make it optional because it really massive sdk, and in many cases it not necessary.
I agree with that about threaded physics, but you can run physics in single separated thread and it enough.
I think most important feature is save CocosCreateRuntime as tiny as possible!
Thank you!

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Hey … very interesting. Can you let the cat out of the sack, or how to say it. Many of us are starvong for news related to new architecture of CC 3D. Thank you.

And Typescript documentation/API?

Yes starting in v3