Cocos Creator 2.4.10 VideoClip Class

The VideoClip class doesn’t exist in the cc module in cocos creator version 2.4.10, I want to create a property with a video clip type for me to add to the VideoPlayer, is there a solution for this?

i can create a property with a video clip type like this:

Hi, thanks for your response. But when I try to create a property with a video clip type, there is show an error like this : (224.1 KB)
i dont have this tip in cc.VideoClip, maybe you can try my project.

I’ve tried your project and no error in cc.VideoClip, but when I try to create new project using cocos creator 2.4.10, I still get same error.

at creator.d.ts in your project, there is a class :

export class VideoClip extends Asset implements EventTarget {

But, at creator.d.ts in my project, there is no such class. Is it safe if I add that class manually?

You can try to reload the editor.

I have tried it but the error still appears :frowning:

could your show me your error demo? (233.6 KB)
this is my test project, maybe you can help me to check my project. Thanks a lot :smile:

you can click this to update the creator.d.ts.

still get the same error :sob: maybe I must be update the project to cocos creator 3.x

maybe you can try 3.6.1, i used your project, and it works after update the creator.d.ts.