Cocos Creator 2.2.0 DragonBones bug

Cocos Creator 2.2.0 DragonBones bug

If you have dragon bones element in scene, and the element is inactive, changing scene the element will lose information about armature and animation.

Repro steps:

  1. Create 2 empty scenes.
  2. In one scene add dragon bones element, chose armature and animation for start.
  3. Hide that dragon bone element and save the scene.
  4. Go to other scene to load it.
  5. Return to scene with dragon bones element.
  6. You will see that armature and animation info from dragon bones element is gone.

When I in the script use element to get armature, it gives me error as it doesn’t exists.

@jare @Big_Bear

Thank you, let me try.

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I have not reproduced this question after testing. Can you record a video for me? Can be sent to my email:

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I’ve sent you video with reproduction steps on email. Other thing is that event listeners are working on web version but not on iOS. Don’t know if this bug has something to do with it also, because I when I set addEventListener on dragonbone node, it’ does not register it on native.

Thanks for helping zzf520.