Cocos Creator 1.7.0

Cocos Creator 1.7.0
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Dear all…

thanks for awesome SDKBOX,

the Cococs Creator 1.7 just release,
i have a game coming release, and wanna using IAP, Facebook plugin,

may i ask when i can got SDKBOX update in Creator 1.7 ?

thank you so much :heart_eyes:


@yinjimmy @nite can help us with a schedule.

Creator 1.7 will be released in Western markets in a day or two.

Edit, it has been released.


we’re working on this. maybe a beta test at 12/8.


I also want to use SDKBOX in cocos creator 1.7:grinning:

#5 for creator 1.7
sdkbox update --staging



wow, amazing performance, thank you for hard work :smiley:


I tried this but it did not work again. when will we get a stable version for creator 1.7.0?


whats your error ? and plugin?

sdkbox version --staging

sdkbox should be
plugin should be



When I use gui, it says failed to patch AppDelegate.cpp
I understand that is releated to sdkbox version.
I updated with sdkbox --staging then I got a clean build.
Try to import Facebook it says same thing. I tried every possible thing like uninstall/reinstall everything etc
it did not help. I revert back to creator 1.6.2
Now my splash screen images on iOS do not shown properly. it must be landscape but portrait image is shown landscape. As you can imagine it looks terrible.

ps. I did not check the plugin version correctly. maybe that was the problem. I will check this again.