Cocos Creator 1.3.1 released!

Cocos Creator 1.3.1 released!
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Cocos Studio was a half baked project. It was buggy and each release didn’t feel like anything had changed. You couldn’t even communicate with the Studio team or file bugs. This was a good business decision to end the project. Cocos Creator was better before the first version was even released.

Chukong is committed to this project and it is not going away. I’ll stick my own neck out for this.


Hi, thanks for the hard work! Can someone please answer all his questions? I have the same questions too.


Hi @slackmoehrle

Thanks for the reassurances and honesty…By the way, will the Physics Engine be implemented this month Nov 2016… Also, do you think, in the game section of the site:

Wouldn’t be wise, to have 2 sections, one for games created with Cocos2dx and the other with Cocos Creator?
Thanks again for the hard work and dedication, God Bless…




I just checked, for v1.3.1 the apk is still generated in jsb-default/publish/android folder, not sure how you got the result.

Electron auto-update system for Mac has a bug that will force replace user’s current application. That’s why we disabled it. We’ll need to work something up ourselves and it takes time. We also have to put man power to more important stuff like much needed features and performance optimization.


Hi @nantas2

Thanks for the response, really appreciated it, here are some screenshots:

Also, thank you the response regarding the auto-update feature, so I guess this only affects us Mac users? Completely understand regarding the man power to improve features and performance optimization… Anyways, I will go ahead and download again Cocos Creator, and try out the exporting feature again, to see if it gives me the publish folder. Thanks and God Bless…




Hi @nantas2

I’ve downloaded ain **Cocos Creator v1.3.1and still it doesn’t export the publishing folder. Even though, on prior versions, it would come out…Just FYI…Thanks and God Bless…




Hi, I wonder why in cocos creator, the engine use the origin coordinate (0,0) at the center of screen , i feel like it is really counter-intuitive, especially, when cocos2d-x user are get used to the way c++ do (origin coordinate at the bottom left corner).

Does it have any advantages??


Why not. Isn’t it easier then to deal with different screen sizes.


Sure I can. Would you mind PM ing me as it my weekend.



I cant see the Upgrade spine runtime library, checked in resource and it’s sill 2.3 version.
Tested on IOS and the spine file using weighted-mess still not working. Assert failed: Unknown attachment type: skinnedmesh


you can create nodes to contain your elements outside the canvas node and set their anchor 0,0 so you can work with 0,0 being bottom left (of course stuff like topleft using 0,1 is also possible, whatever suits your needs)



Thank you very much, i just figured it out not long ago.

Btw, will cocos creator plan to support hot reload coding or live coding in future?


Hey @slackmoehrle
Just a reminder. I didn’t PM you since other guy in the thread also wished to know the answer. :slight_smile:


appreciate it.


Hi @pandamicro
Can you please answer my queries at Cocos Creator 1.3.1 released!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I have been playing with the latest beta.
How in hell does one import dragonbones files? When I drag and drop the atlas or the json file onto the draonbones component fields, I get a red field refusing to take it.

Can someone please make a short tutorial. Cant seem to find any instructions in the manual


You are in the wrong topic.


Ah sorry,
I managed to get it to work eventually, but now I am trying to figure out how to assign another atlas programatically during runtime.
I posted here because I wanted to get some support, but I can’t create new threads yet.


Just installed the new version, but it’s stuck on verifying the app and has not opened in hours.

Verification is stuck here :