Cocos Creater with existing C++ project

Cocos Creater with existing C++ project
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I have stupid question about creator usage.
I have already existing quite big project in C++ that using cocos2d-x directly. I wanted some tool to help design UI quickly.
Can I use Cocos Creator for that?
My idea is to setup basic menu and other UI elements in the editor, create animations, effects and so on. And then load them directly in C++ and use them and create some logic around it.
Is that possible or Creator can be used only with JS version?
Thanks in advance.


That is a very good question. I dont think you can right now, but I would love to see what the staff says.


On the next release(that should come very soon) you’ll be able to use Cocos Creator only as a scene editor, so you’ll be able to export assets and data in a format(probably json).

But a parser that does the reading automatically won’t be available yet for C++, only for LUA, so you’ll have to write it yourself.

This is the javascript deserializer that I think they are using right now.


Thanks for info. But this also means that creator us unusable for me now. We are now want to create new UI so this is the right moment to use some tool. When this feature is not ready and polished now we cannot rely on it.
Thanks. Jiri


Yeah I know what you mean, I’m also waiting for them to release the scene editor capabilities as soon as possible. You might consider using Cocos Studio for you UI. It is pretty easy to create UI in Studio, though it has a disadvantage on the long term because it will be discontinued in the near future. But since it is only your UI, you might be able to migrate to Creator with not much hassle. Studio has it’s parser already written so you’ll only need to code functionality.


So I solved my problem with Cocos Studio :slight_smile: I know it is deprecated but still quite usable (with exceptions) but for us it’s ok.
I create only nodes (for example animated buttons) and then directly use them in the game etc. That is good since the buttons can setup artists not me :slight_smile:


In the future we will release creator data reader for cocos2d-x c++ engine. Sorry for the inconvenience.


since Cocos Studio is not available for download anymore…
Is there any other option for this exactly problem?


Nowadays is possible create scenes from Cocos Creator, export it then use it into c++ project?
Are there some examples that make it or something similar?
It should be very useful take vantage of Cocos Creator into a c++ project.
The hardest thing, that limits the powerful of Cocos in c++ is that UIs are hard to make, so results in a unattractive views.


Yes, you can find info here C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released