Cocos Comes To The First Online Conferences Of The Year

This past month we were able to give a few talks at the largest online conferences of the beginning of 2021 and shared worldwide.  Both were praised for some pretty good information and great discussions. We wanted to give you a chance to watch and listen to them for free, thanks to the teams at both events.

How Mini-Games Will Become The Big Trend In 2021

This talk was given at the White Nights Winter 2021 event.

One of the biggest things we began working on for Cocos Creator is game developers' opportunity to place their games on as many platforms as possible. After WeChat mini games, we knew there would be a huge growth of hypercasual and mini games in China and worldwide.

In this video, we share how, with Adobe Flash's death, how HTML5 will be taking over for web and mobile games, and how WeChat is the platform to see where future trends for HTML5 are going.

How To Test And Promote Hyper Casual Games In The Asian Market

This discussion was given at the Hyper Games Conference.

This was our first time coming to the Hyper Games Conference, but with the way Chinese game developers are building hypercasual games for WeChat, we might be sharing some more great examples at the event.

At this event, Luke Stapley, our marketing director, became the moderator while speaking to many game companies that help developers bring games not only to China but also to all different areas of Asia.

The guests included:

  • Falco Bocker, senior publishing manager at JoyPac
  • Alicia Vo, UA manager at Amanotes
  • Anna Bystrova, publishing manager at ZPLAY
  • Hector Almeida, director of business development for Mintegral

In this talk, we have discussed a few topics that include:

  • Why should you come to Asia with your hypercasual games?
  • What hypercasual games do people love in Asia?
  • Do you need a publisher to come to Asia?
  • What marketplaces should I bring my game?
  • Any advice for people coming to Asia.