Cocos Code IDE 2.0 Beta HelloWorld project doesn't run


I downloaded Cocos Code IDE 2.0 Beta from cocos store for Mac. I have cocos2d-x 3.7 on my system.

  • Configure the cocos code ide in framework mode
  • New project created using cocos code ide

Also, the project when run on iPhone simulator fails. A similar issue was posted on cocoa china here:

I don’t find any code auto completion working in this. Please let me know if I need to provide any additional information. Looking for resolution on this.


Does the project can run on the default Mac simulator?
Please try with new and blank project see it works or not.

From the post you provided, someone said that copy these src , res , main.js , project.json ,config.json from old version project to v3.7 will make the project not working.

Yes, the default project runs on mac simulator ( earlier it gave error now it doesn’t ).

How do I enable debugging and auto completion in this project. Anything special that I have to do?


Also, I am using a default project created by cocos code IDE 2.0 Beta itself. I am not importing any previous project.

I tried launching the project on the device in “Android ADB Mode” but the launch fails saying that simulator cannot be started. I have already given the path of the simulator correctly. Again this is the default project.

On the device, the error is “The simulator has unfortunately stopped”

I have problem with the Cocos Code IDE 2.0 Beta too.

So i still using Cocos Code IDE 1.2.0 for coding and debug with v3.6.1.

Then i’m using cocos console to publish Android version with framework v3.7, Xcode for iOS.


You can try create a new project with Cocos Code IDE 2.0.0 beta.
Then in the project, right click and find something “add native support”.

The way i’m said in other post is not really the proper way but at least it working for me as i don’t use IDE 2.0.

Thanks a lot for your detailed response. I would also take the same approach of using ide 1.2
one last doubt is that the ide download link that you have given me is eclipse based. Shouldn’t that be intellij based as well.


Only v2.0.0 beta is IntelliJ based.