Cocos And US Bans on China

I know this this really shouldn’t be something I need to consider when choosing a new engine;( Cocos seems to have everything for me, it ticks all the boxes and gives me good reason to leave Unity).
However, with recent news of US bans on Tic Tok and We Chat (and not knowing the future of Chinese companies in the US and outside of China) I’m wondering if its worth continuing to learn to use an engine that may suffer a similar fate in the future.

Is this a potential problem? Realistically, how worried should we be?


Who knows!

Seriously. Nobody except political leaders can effect/change/know what’s going to happen and it’s likely.

Tik Tok and WeChat collect user data and their use is huge compared to Cocos. We don’t collect personal data in this same way. I mean, I’m a US employee and potentially my job could be at stake and if they ban WeChat I won’t have access to my co-workers without e-mail! Who e-mails anymore? :slight_smile:

My fingers are crossed but I suspect we aren’t in the cross-hairs of the US government. I suspect this could also be largely due to the upcoming elections and some politicians needing to try and make a big name for themselves while there is still time to influence constituents.

Talking with coworkers about this, they said that as long as Cocos stay free, there will be no problem in the current scenario, because the sanctions are on buy/sell things with China, so no side effect here.

TikTok and WeChat were namely banned, so a direct action, I don’t think that US gov will do a direct action on Cocos.

On my view, the only way that Cocos would be affected were if they “build a huuuge virtual wall” and locked China away. But I live in Brazil, so, I could use a VPN to access through Russia. So, even in the worst case scenario, I could still use.

Short answer: No
In my humble opinion, it makes no sense at all. The ban argument is that Tic Tok and WeChat are commercial apps that collect personal information about US users.
Cocos 2dx is an open source game engine, not an app. The fact that the code is open source is an assurance that if anyone ever plants a piece of code designed to collect user data, everybody will know. Banning Cocos 2dx would be just stupid.

Being that said, I leave you with one of my favourite quotations:
“Against stupidity the Gods themselves contend in vain” - Isaac Asimov, 1972

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I completely agree it would be stupid. Its just that stupid things seem to be happening more and more these days:)

Today I woke up and read the news and now I’m left wondering about the likelihood of one day Apple/Google not being able to publish games made with Cocos.

I’m 100% hopeful it won’t be affected, but I just wanted to know other people’s thoughts.

IMHO, it’s not that stupid. It’s nothing to completely worry about, but it’s something to keep an attend eye on.

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Cocos2dx and Cocos Creator will stay free and open sourced, and we will never implant any data collection code in the engine runtime (we will provide first party and third party services to be used all by user choice). Furthermore, we are providing tools and codes to create content, we are not a commercial side application.

Last point, we sincerely hope that US government’s cold war mentality against China won’t last for long, two of the most powerful countries see each other as enemy is just a big obstacle for mankind evolvement. I believe as normal people in China and in the US only want peace.

Personally I don’t see any reason that US will ban a free, open source development tool for games.


I don’t think an open-source game engine/framework will be banned anytime soon, unless they go real crazy.

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