Clipping from Spine not working in Cocos Creator?

Clipping from Spine not working in Cocos Creator?


Hi all,

So I made this animation in Spine, it needs to have a frame around it so I made a clipping mask in Spine around the frame.
However, when I tried to import that Spine animation to Cocos Creator, the clipped area was totally visible.
Is Clipping from Spine not supported in Cocos Creator?

I’m using Cocos Creator ver 1.9.1.
We had updated it to 1.9.3 before but rolled back due to too many new bugs.
The whole team is working with 1.9.1 and we’re not planning to update to 2.0 at this moment because
we can’t afford to deal with new bugs right now.

Please advise.



Hi turtle1985,

This may not address your spine/mask problem, but I needed a clipping mask for my spine animation too. I just made the mask in photoshop and grouped the spine anim under a Mask Component set to Image Stencil with the black and white image I made. Seemed to work just fine. Maybe a work-around?



I did the same workaround because in v1.9.3 cocos engine doesn’t support Spine clipping


Seems to still not support clipping. I’ve been waiting a while. :slight_smile: