cc.Material is not cc.Asset for Editor

I may not set the material for the component in the editor properties if it is of the asset type. I only have one question. FOR WHAT?
Second week working with the cocos 3.0.0. Flight is normal. Ass gives out stable traction.

Hi, If a material properties empty, engine will use a default one, but I think it should not be an empty properties.
Please provide a screenshots, we will check it.

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Something like that.
As you can see, these are not only materials, but also prefabs.

Hi, it is a BUG and plan to fix in next version of 3.0.1

Please also fix the dynamic loading of scripts in the editor.
And the ability to change the order of the components in the editor through the code.
Animation does not return AnimationState.
Tween does not work if the value is changed to zero.
Different behavior of SkeletonAnimation when baked (animation.stop (), state._process ()).
Lack of custom engine customization only for this project, as it was in the versions earlier.
Some elements are not added to cc. For example cc.SkeletalAnimationState.

When can we expect version 3.0.1?

Hi, @huanxinyin. I downloaded version 3.1.1. I see this bug, still. Can you fix this?