[CC 3.7.1] Asset Bundle Loading Error

From the main project (3.7.1), we couldn’t load the sub project’s (also 3.7.1) remote bundle

Error messages as shown below (amk-remote is the name of the remote bundle):

Then, we could force load the bundle (by reloading it second time), the scene could be loaded but any script, attached to it, is not loaded and showed as corrupted.

Current Workaround:
Downgrade the sub project to 3.6.2 and build the bundle. Then it could be loaded as usual.

P.S. Everything was working fine in 3.6.2. Not because of CORS as in the error message.

There are a few questions here that need to be confirmed.

  1. whether the remote bundle is using the 3.7.1 version, if the 3.7.1 version directly loaded the 3.6.x version of the bundle, then the error is normal.
  2. Also, if you want to use the bundle, you need to test it again after the build. If in the preview state, then there will also be problems.
  1. As I mentioned, 3.7.1 can’t load another 3.7.1 remote bundle.

  2. Again, as I said, everything was working fine in 3.6.2 and we are familiar with how remote bundle works.

Do you published your app with remote bundles on Apple Store or Google Play ? Did they approve it?

On Play Store, it was ok for both Hot Update and Remote Bundle.

On App Store, Hot Update (must show the download size and ask user approval before download) was ok. Haven’t uploaded an app with Remote Bundle yet. But, it should be ok, I guess?

Are you facing any issue?

We did not upload yet, but i heard there is an issues with approval if HotUpdate/Remote Bundles - rejected. probably you are correct about user approval before download. so we will do as well.

Thanks for you answer.

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Have you tested 3.7.1 with remote bundle with a script in it?

do you successfully load a remote bundle with scripts in it?

We fixed a problem with loading bundles(with script in it) of sub project in 3.7.2. Please try v3.7.2.


Hi @StudioAMK, I am encountering the same CORS problem as I tried to load remote bundles. Can you tell me how did you fix it?

My project is using version 3.7.3 now.

Thank you!