[CC 3.3.2] - Cannot set volume between 0.0 to 1.0


I am trying to set volume to audio source like this:

this.audioSource.volume = 0.5;

Looks like its not responding at all.
However, if I set it to 0 it will be muted and 1 it will be set to full volume.

On previous CC 2.4.4 it works fine with:


Why is it not working here?

I can ask engineering to have a look.

I set volume like you, and it works fine, which platform you test?

Cocos Creator 3.x.x (all of them)…

Build on android and web mobile

Developed on win10/11

audioVolume.zip (4.1 MB)
This is the demo i tested, could you offer me your test demo?