CC 2.1.0 "fullscreen error" initializing cocos2d-js library

CC 2.1.0 "fullscreen error" initializing cocos2d-js library



There is an error in the cocos2d-js library file that happens on mobile devices. It that happens immediately when cocos2d-js-min.js is downloaded and is running (when page is loaded but before the game loading is complete).

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: fullscreen error

Happens only on mobile or mobile chrome emulator. I tested with iPhone xs Safari and Chrome, you get stuck in loading screen because of this JavaScript error.

This error is not in your project code, but straight in the cocos2d library JavaScript file.

Way to reproduce:

  • Create a project with CC 2.1.0
  • Build the game
  • Run the built game in a mobile device browser or chrome mobile emulator

I found many similar issue posts from the Chinese forums:

Are you already looking into this issue? Since now you cannot run a built game with 2.1.0 on a mobile device at all.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: fullscreen error

@pandamicro This could be an interested thing for you to know and to check out the Chinese forums as well. I follow that one as well (with Chrome translate :sweat_smile:) but but usually don’t reply there since I don’t want to mix languages too much. :slight_smile:


Noticed that this also happens in my CC 1.10.2 project

In CC 1.10.2 it doesn’t crash the browser, it still runs the game after receiving these errors. But in 2.1.0 you cannot get pass loading screen.

What seems to be the issue?