Cat Rescue: Sea Escape - Simple puzzle game

Hi everybody,

I just released a new puzzle game called “Cat Rescue: Sea Escape”, this is a simple puzzle game
easy to play.
This is also the first game I made with Cocos Creator (javascript) after switching from cocos2d-x, in this game I only use Cocos Creator 2.2 and SDKBOX for IAP and Admob.

I hope to receive reviews from you.


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I have played it till lv 16 now.
A little suggestion, maybe you u could make different graphic theme or new obstacle for every 15 so that it can enrich UX and engage user to play more.
Anyway, well done!

Thank @misun, that’s a great suggestion, I will note it for the next update.

How long have you developed this game?

Thank @cp110491, I developed this game for over 1 month.