Can't run apk Cocos Creator 1.7

Can't run apk Cocos Creator 1.7
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I created a project with cocos creator 1.6, it worked then update to 1.7

After installing, app stuck at:

E/cocos2d-x: JS Exception: scriptEngineType is not defined, file: assets/src/jsb_polyfill.js, line no: 58

I tried to remove scriptEngineType but go stuck at scheduler.scheduleUpdate, file: assets/src/jsb_polyfill.js

Android Studio, NDK 13b

Any solution? Please help :frowning:


Let me ask our engineering team to have a look.


Did you customized the engine?


Nope, I just press build with the android platform in editor window then open with android studio and run Project.


Do you have the project that you can compress and get to us?


Did you delete build folder and re-build your project?
It seems that you’re using wrong cocos2d-x-lite engine.


Yup, I tried but failed.


Thank for your attention!

I solved it by creating a new project with cocos creator 1.7, then copy asset to.

But now I meet a new problem when run my app:

Tried return at the first code line of the start scene but still failed…


The same with creating a new project then build it.


Re-install cocos creator 1.7 -> create a new hello world project -> build -> compile -> open apk -> crash :frowning:

Anyone had solution? Please help!


Is there any crash stack before this line was printed?


I found it can’t work on an emulator. On real device it’s ok.
Thank for your attention.