Can't build for iOS after updating xcode

I’ve been trying to fix this for two weeks (I work on my app only on weekends), and cannot fix it, so I’m posting here in case anyone has run into it. I don’t know that it’s a cocos2dx issue. Basically, I can’t compile my app for iOS now (I can for Mac), because I get an error:

“building for iOS Simulator, but linking in object file built for iOS, for architecture arm64”

This is xcode 12.1 and cocos2d 3.17. Thanks for any suggestions.

(btw, I don’t use sdkbox, so I was wondering how I can remove that from all my projects - mac, win32, and ios?)

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does this help:


Thanks, that’s what I wound up doing. It still won’t run the simulator, but I was able to run my actual iPhone, submitted to Apple, and they approved in one night! They’ve improved their speeds. I figure I’ll try to resolve this during the holidays.


BTW, lots of people are now streaming my game for football, that’s very cool!

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