Can i EARN your help

Can i EARN your help


Hello hard working fellow programmers. I understand if you dont want to program for someone without a pay. And unfortunately I can’t offer you a payment in Cash. But is anyone willing tó let me earn their assistance, oh and by assistance I dont by writing an entire game for me, I mean by simply every now and then I would email you for assistance, by making a, somewhat stunning animation of how I picture my game tó look. And I would tell you what parts I need help with and hopefully you could give me a template c++ formát of how to implement the concept.

If you are willing to assist me, please Dönt expect a great animation but I will do my best tó make an animation that will give you a clear depiction how I, and my co worker. Exactly want our game tó look like. C++ only

Thank you, sincerely

-Rá’ed Mohamed and on behalf of my co-worker.


Just ask questions as you need to.

Show that you attempted to solve. Ask clearly.

People here are very willing to help others without needing a reward :-).


The actual writing of the C++ code is the easy part. The most time consuming part is the process that goes on inside your head; the creative process. Thinking about and figuring out how to implement something takes up the majority of the time on any project (perhaps 90% of the time), and that is precisely what you’re asking someone else to do when you say “template c++ formát of how to implement the concept”.

If you know C++ well (and programming in general), then you’re already in a good position. The actual game design involves you thinking about your game, and breaking it down into manageable sections (for the sake of your sanity).

As slackmoehrle pointed out, if you run into problems while implementing something, then asking for some help or guidance is perfectly fine, but asking for someone to give you a “template” of the implementation, then IMHO, that is quite literally asking a person to do all the real work for you.


But I ám afraid I need that real work. Because in my game I ám trying to RE INVENT the slingshot. To avoid angry birds copyright striking me. And I have no clue. I can only rely on someone tó personally instruct me.


I’m not sure how much anyone can really re-invent the slingshot, but regardless of that, whatever you may be thinking of is likely to be based on known physics calculations. I’m not sure about how much real physics is involved in objects fired from a slingshot in a game like angry birds, but I’m certain it is within the realm of a physics engine like Box2D, so perhaps you should read up on how to utilize such an engine.

That’s the fun of creating games, it’s about figuring out all the aspects of the game you want to create. It sometimes involves a fair amount of research, but there are many resources online to help with that, and if you do take the effort to figure it all out, then you have gained useful knowledge that will help you in the future. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

Also, I think you may be misunderstanding copyright laws. Copyright applies to the creative content, like the graphics, source code, and the sounds etc. It does not apply to the concept, so you can make another slingshot game, and as long as you don’t literally clone their graphics/sounds etc, they can’t sue you for it. That would need a patent, which is completely different from copyright, and there is no chance they would ever be able to patent the slingshot mechanism in games; there should be plenty of prior art to nullify any claims they may have over it, plus the fact that they didn’t invent the slingshot in general (note, I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take this as legal advice in any way, shape or form).

So, why bother “re-inventing” something that works so well?


The reason is because I need to have án original entry for the competition I an entering. I dont want the judges tó say tó me
‘Well Raed, I ám afraid we cannot accept your entry since the slingshots style looks similar tó the angry birds one, sorry’

Why dont I email you my draft illustrations so you can see what I mean by re-invent the slingshot. It is basically THE slingshot but from plan view. But if you would like to see the slingshot and see what I mean please personally message me your email so I can send the concept.


I understand that you want to create something new, but you seem to have not even attempted to create it yourself yet. Have a go at it, and you may surprise yourself.

Again, if you run into problems while you are developing your game, then there is no reason why you can’t ask questions regarding specific issues, and someone may be able to help.