Can build facebook instant be used as playable ads? and error the source contains XMLhttprequest

I need to make playaable ads to run on facebook. I have tried to build the project with Facebook instant or using another tool but I get the warning that the source contains XMLhttprequest.
And the resulting file cannot be previewed.

The package built for facebook instant can NOT be used as playable ads. You can use this
SmartAd Playabs Ads Pack Tool | Cocos Store for playable ads.

What if I build with Web mobile and zip the whole thing?

you can try it.

I am interested in the size, the tool you say increases the size of the build file too much. I tried it. The playable .html file needs < 2MB , while the full resource zip file is < 5MB. Your way does not meet that requirement.

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Considering optimizing the size of the resources as your project is too big. You can use to compress images.

I have packaged a project with only 226k.

How did you this? I just packed 2d empty project and I have 2.8m:

The project built is in cocos creator2.4.8, you need to crop some features if you use cocos creator3.6.1.
(Project Settings · Cocos Creator)

I cropped almost all features, leave just necessary, and I have 1.6M size:

If you want to built playable ads projects, it is recommended that you use cocos creator2.4.10.

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