Camera with PERSPECTIVE projection did not catch mouse events

In a 2D project, I have a Camera with Projection property = PERSPECTIVE, Nodes with mouse event:

this.node.on(Node.EventType.MouseDown, this.mouseDownHandler.bind(this));

Did not behave correct, wont fire the event when click inside registered Node, or fire event even if we clicked out side…

Noted that this do not happen if Projection is ORTHO.

Sorry I could not provide example code as I’m new user, please let me know if more context/information needed.

What version of Creator are you using?

For 2d projects, it is recommended that the camera uses ORTHO directly.

If you still need to use PERSPECTIVE because of some project requirements, you can adjust the near and far parameters of the camera. e.g. near = 999, far = 1000

DEMO (88.2 KB)