Button animations are broken on Android devices (v3.7.3)

Hi, The Github post I created for this problem is available here (link to the issue).

When playing the game on an Android device, button animations don’t function properly (at least both Sprite and Scale transition types are affected).

After some testing, it seems like this problem has started with Cocos Creator v3.7.0 and is still present in the most recent version (v3.7.3). This issue does not occur when running the game on a browser or the simulator, so it could possibly have something to do with the handling of touch events on Android devices.

If this is a known issue, does anyone know how I can possibly work around it right now?

Also any tips or advice on how I can research and debug this issue further would be really appreciated.


Ok so I looked into this a bit more and I found the cause of this bug which was introduced by this pull request. I’ve opened a new pull request to fix this bug (link). Hopefully this will be merged for the next release.