Building Android app bundles on Cocos2dx 3.17.2

Hi people,
I’m developing a 2d game using cocos2dx 3.17.2
Until now I have compiled debug and release apks, using cocos compile command line:
cocos compile -p android -m release for example.
But now I need to generate android app bundles in order to satisfy the new google requirements to upload apps on the store.

Note: I’m using command line instead of android studio, because I have installed cocos2dx and my game project in a linux virtual machine to keep configuration standard between developers. android studio is just too resource consumming to run eficiently on those virtual machines.

Unfortunatelly. I was not able to find any documentation showing how to generate the app bundle for release or debug.

I tryed to directly use gradlew to compile apks and app bundles. I’ve got positive results generating the apks but not the bundles:

gradlew assembleRelease: BUILD SUCCESSFULL and the apk was build on app/build/output/apk folder.

Same success was achieved using gradlew assembleDebug.

gradlew bundleRelease command resulted in BUILD_SUCCESSFUL message bug it was not generated any bundle file.

My questions:

Is there any command line command provided by cocos tools
to generate the app bundle?

Is it necessary any different configuration to generate app bundles on cocos?

Thank you in advance!

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Updated gradlew and gradle from 4.4 to 6.8 . The apk builds fine and the game runs, But I still can not find any bundle file after running gradlew bundleRelease.

I think I will keep this new version of gradle.