Build problem with iOS project from Cocos Creator 1.7

Build problem with iOS project from Cocos Creator 1.7
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I cannot build xCode project generated by Cocos Creator 1.7. There is compiling issue “json/document-wrapper.h” not found as in attached image. Never have this problem with Cocos Creator 1.6.1. I upgraded to 1.7 to test JSB 2.0


Did you recently updated to the latest Xcode version?


Yes I did, is there any problem with it?


Got another compile problem with sdkbox iap, should I downgrade xcode?


Try with version 8+. You can have both installed, just execute the one you need. I have a test computer to try new versions and I recentñy found a bunch of deprecated libraries that have been removed from latest Xcode versions. Not sure if thats what is happening to you.


But same xCode 9.2, compiled ok with project generated from Cocos Creator 1.6.1


Have you tried to compile the same project generated by 1.7.2 with Xcode 8+?


I had some problems myself with Cocos Creator 1.7, Windows 10 and Android Studio 3.0.1. I got the error “not such file of directory” for some static libraries and undeclared methods too. Other posts suggested to move the project folder to a more direct location to the root and to make sure to avoid dashes in folder names, I’d suggest to go as simple as possible with letters only.

Hope that helps.