[BUG] TiledMap won't appear on Android device

[BUG] TiledMap won't appear on Android device
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I think there is a bug in Cocos Creator where a TiledMap is missing when built to an android device.

I have created a project in Cocos Creator. It has a scene with a Sprite and a TiledMap.

I have tested out my project on my android device, but the TiledMap does not appear on my device. Only the sprite is visible.

I have tested my project on both browser and simulator and in both cases, both the TiledMap and the sprite are present.


It’s probably because your tiledmap is too big, we now use a cache to render the entire tilemap, which is not a good strategy, it may generate big textures, and big textures won’t be able to be displayed in some mobile devices.

We will refactor tiled map in future versions, in the meantime, try to limit your tilemap size


I have the same issue. What’s the recommended size for the map? I don’t mind breaking my map into smaller maps.

Thank you!


Hi all,

I use CC 1.6.2 and the described behaviour happens with my new game. The tilemap size is only 9x15 tiles and there is only one texture that contains 2 tiles. It works perfectly in the simulator and in the local browser, but it is not visible on Android devices.

What can I do?

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Nobody?! :frowning:


In a separated project, the tilemap works fine on Android. How does it disappear in the game?!


Do you use the same resources?


Yes, I use the same resource. I don’t really understand, because I use a lot of tilemaps and up to now there were no problems at all. I try to create another test case with a single scene that does not work and I will remove the components/nodes one-by-one. It’s strange…


The best strategy in this case. I wish you to find the problem.


It seems that if there is a font set (.fnt + .png) the tile map is invisible on Android… The png is a 1024x1024 RGBA texture.

Further investigation is in progress…


Here is a zipped project that does not render the tilemap on Android. There is only one scene with a background image and a tilemap on it. Using the Simulator the tilemap is visible, but if I create an APK, I see only the background image. What’s wrong?

@slackmoehrle, please investigate the following file:

renderbug.zip (266.7 KB)



is your tilemap included in your .apk? i.e being bundled as part of the build process?


Yes, all required resources are included in the zip file.


Is it possible that this relates to this issue?

What is your test device?


Hi @Priority10,

thanks for your efforts! I tried to use only one node with the tilemap component (+subnode) and in this case the background was black on Android. So, I think the byte order is not related to my issue. In the sample project I included a background image to make the difference clearly visible (Simulator: yellow-orange tilemap, Android: blue sky).

It’s really strange, because I use several tilemaps in my other game and everything works fine. I don’t know what’s wrong with this project.

By the way, I tested this bug on the following devices: Xiaomi Redmi 4X, Huawei P9, ASUS ME173X.

Best regards,


@PZsolt27 Yes, it is strange.

@slackmoehrle Will you ask any of the engineers to look at this? Your company seems pretty focused on the Creator now.


This was my first tablet. Such a nice device.


@jare can you help with this?


I asked @knox to check the demo.


If I use a squared texture (256x256), it works fine on Android. But it should work with the original 128x64 texture as well…


hi, I tested Huawei P9 is working.

No other type of test machine, so I can not test, sorry!

This is a test result chart: