[BUG] - cc.CurveRange (Creator 2.4.3)

More likely UI issue I guess…

While using property:

@property({ type: cc.CurveRange })
public range: cc.CurveRange = new cc.CurveRange();

You will than notice that you have two bugs inside the curve popup window:

  1. You cannot edit the range textbox manually.
  2. You cannot see the text inside the input.

However, you can use the arrows to manipulate the range, but if you want to setup a big amount, you are in trouble :slight_smile:

Please review the attached image:

BTW, By accessing the dev toolbar, we can fix this issue by just increasing the width size of the text box. However, I dont know where is the css location in the engine.

Sorry, the value can be changed and take effect, it’s just not visible, we’ll fix it in the next version. :slightly_frowning_face: