Broken bundles. Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'packs')

Cocos creator v3.8.0/v3.8.2
After my manipilations with folders I got broken bundles
Exception happend in config.ts → Config._initPackage()

This function takes bundle config:

And in config.pakcs i have one undefined item

I already try to remove library and change engine version.

I also don’t see any other errors when build or run the game in browser.

I have no ideas

Oh. I just disable warnings in log window.
I have fuw Build.Script.Rollup Circular dependency warnings
Not sure if this is the cause of the errors, but I’ll try to fix it

Problem not resolved

I found breaking commit with git bisect:

This is problem of spriteFrames and atlases. I have follov structure:

bundle: MetaScreen (priority = 1)
    Component: Sprite
        - spriteAtlas: null // << here must me link to gameplay-screen-ui
        - spriteFrame: coin_blink_0.png

bundle: GameplayScreen (priority = 1)
     autoAtlas: gameplay-screen-ui.pac
        - coin_blink_0.png
         - coin_blink_0.png

I still don’t understand how exactly “links” atlases and frames.
Look like propertys spriteAtlas and spriteFrame of the Sprite-component can be fill incorrect. And this kind of errors hard to find.