Breaking changes in latest Facebook APIs?

Breaking changes in latest Facebook APIs?

I’ve had the Facebook plugin integrated and working for months on both iOS and Android, and it recently stopped working on iOS. (I think it stopped working after installing the new version of the Facebook app on my iPhone).

As expected, I get this when a login/share is attempted:

After clicking the continue button, I get this:

Clicking “Done” returns a status of “cancelled” to the Listener.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior? If so, my guess would be that the plugin needs to be updated with the latest Facebook SDK.

How did you integrate the Facebook Plugin? SDKBOX?

Yes, with the SDKBox plugin.

OK, let us ask @yinjimmy to help out.

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the facebook iOS SDK has beed upgraded V5 with pluginfacebook version >= .

check with ios simulator.

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Finally got around to trying this and it does work with the iOS simulator, but it’s still not working on my phone. :thinking:

Still not sure what’s going on here. I’ve double checked my code and info.plist, and still get the same behavior. I also found this, which seems to describe the same issue I’m seeing:

what’s your compile and test env?

  • XCode Version 10.1 (10B61).
  • Cocos2d-x v3.17
  • iPhone 6 running iOS 10.2.1.

I made sure I had the latest SDKBox Facebook plugin, but still had the issue. I then copied the newest Facebook Framework files into my project which link just fine, but I get a crash when attempting login.

@yinjimmy - Any other info you need? I still haven’t found a solution for this.


I found the issue. I actually did have a code change that broke Facebook sharing. I had recreated my project, and forgot to reincorporate the required changes in


It’s better to auto patch the too.

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