Box2d crash, anyone else?

Box2d crash, anyone else?


Whenever I drop my player character (a dynamic box) on a box that is connected to a revolute point, my game crashes at line 532 in b2World.cpp, which is here…

530: 2Profile profile;
531: island.Solve(&profile, step, m_gravity, m_allowSleep);
532: m_profile.solveInit += profile.solveInit; <---------------- crash
533: m_profile.solveVelocity += profile.solveVelocity;
534: m_profile.solvePosition += profile.solvePosition;

But if I drop a dynamic circle on this box everything works without a problem. Has anyone had this problem?
(I’m using cocos2dx 3.16)


The crash must be inside the Solve() method, surely, as that statement is simply adding a float to an instance variable, so is very unlikely to crash, unless the current instance is corrupt.