Blockets [HTML5]

Blockets [HTML5]

Blockets is a puzzle game where you have to place various shapes in a grid and complete lines and columns. The goal is to score as high as possible.

I have introduced a couple of gimmicks that will, hopefully, add positively to the original mechanics. Namely:

  • a timer: if you don’t complete a line or a column before the timer expires, an obstacle will be created;
  • an energy bar: complete lines/columns to get energy;
  • use the energy to remove the obstacles (click on the obstacle) OR
  • use the energy to fill a gap in the grid (click on an empty grid tile);
  • make combos (multiple lines and columns completed at once) to get more energy and a score bonus;
  • as you progress, more complicated shapes will appear!

The game was made with Cocos Creator and Typescript, art with Inkscape.

Thank you and hope you’ll enjoy it!


Congratulations on releasing.

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