Blind developer VS Cocos: doupts and confusions

大家好, hello everyone,
I am a blind developer who had recently got interestedi n game development. Before I go further I want to clarify some things:

  1. Blind people use a special program on their computer called a screenreader that is used to read on-screen text, such as forum, file structure or C/C++/Lua/Whatever code.
  2. Blind people can indeed play computer games. It was done as is heavily documented.
  3. I have prior programming experience (C/C++, C#, Swift) however I never did gamedev before, except a WIP game accessibility mod

Now to my questions:

  1. Cocos 2DX or Cocos Creator? I have downloaded Cocos Creator and I see that it is not accessible for a screenreader. I can initialize new project, but then everything gets too graphical. So my first question is, should I switch to cocos 2DX, or there is a way to make games in Creator without ever using the IDE?
  2. I have read somewhere that Cocos 2DX is not maintained anymore, but when browsing this forum I see the contrary. What should I make out of this?
  3. Should I even bother with Cocos? My idea is to make a fully-featured text-based rPG at first with rich 3D audio environment. What does a game engine like Cocos offer me in this regard? State manager, input controls ETC ETC.
  4. I know that Chinese blind developers have used Cocos 2D before and some of them still use it. Maybe there is anything they have left behind so now I can use it to start making my own games?

Please, be patient with me lol! I really want to learn but I am confused.

Which IDE are you using with Cocos2d-x?

What screen reader are you using? Is it NVDA, that works pretty well.

Thank you for your reply. I am using notepad ++ since I want to work with JSB or Lua (not decided yet) and I use Chinese screenreader called Zhengdu, but I can use JAWS. But I have no idea where to start. COuld you please help me?

How well do you know JavaScript and Lua?

I have studied Java Script and with Lua i wrote lots and loads of code. I have no problem writing C ++ extensions for example to interface with a screenreader. I still wonder if to operate Cocos Creator or 2DX

It would be best to use software like notepad++ which is less specific as it will provide the best accessibility compared to proprietary software.