Black screen on old devices cocos 2.4.11

Some users using old devices experience a black screen like this. Does anyone have a solution?. I’m using cc 2.4.11

Could you provide more information? Such as the operational platform - Android or iOS, or whether the game uses compressed images.

@daisyH User uses Oppo CPH1801, Android 7.1.1. We don’t use compressed images. We let the user test all games, and this issue just happens with games using Cocos Creator 2.x. Cocos Creator 3.7.2 still works normally

Could you endeavour to obtain the operational log from the user to see if any error messages are reported?

@daisyH I don’t see any error messages in Eruda. Could there be a problem with WebGL ?

What are the height and width dimensions of the images? Some older android devices don’t support images above a certain resolution… Also, fun fact, I don’t believe any current version of chrome or firefox can support anything above 3k (or maybe it’s 2k, I forget) A while back we had a similar issue to what you’re experiencing and it turned out to be image size… one of our artists had made a texture atlas that was only a few hundred pixels high, but was over 3000 pixels wide… Chrome browsers didn’t know what to do with it. Later, we had that same issue but only on older devices… it too was related to texture size… however, it didn’t always appear black… and sometimes the game would crash and start over… turned out to be too much GFX Texture memory allotment… poor older devices couldn’t keep up…

Since you’re not using Compressed images… I would start there… go into debug mode, what is your GFX Texture Memory saying? Also, take a look at the sprite data of the images that are showing up black… are any of them abnormally large? (not file size large, but actual pixel size… if you have anything over 2k, I’d highly recommend making it smaller and testing. )

If none of this helps, please post answers to the questions above…

If this does help, would be great if you could mark this as the solution so that others will know in the future. :slight_smile:

hi @daisyH @stringwizard5 i think old devices have problem with webgl.
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