AudioMix ANR issue

AudioMix ANR issue
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Hi there!

I’m getting an ANR issue in Android Vitals with the tag AudioMix. It says it is a Stuck partial wake lock. It only happens on Android 8.0.0. I’m not doing nothing special with the audio. I’ve read that this ANR can appear when there are audio decoding threads. Can this be related to AudioEngine?

I’m using 3.16 version



No one can help with this? @slackmoehrle I invoke you!


You are seeing this in your logcat output?


I haven’t been able to reproduce it… so the only thing I have is the report from Google Play Console. Even in the section where I can see some ANR traces, I haven’t find any related to the AudioMix :S. Here you have a capture of the console:

Let me know if there is another way to get more info about the issue, so we can solve it :slight_smile:


@drelaptop any advice here?


No news? :frowning:


I will try to test the Audio test case on Android 8.0 to find if any ANR appears after recent works.


I’m having the exact same problem with Stuck Partial Wake Locks tagged AudioMix. I’ve looked everywhere in my code and can’t find anything related to a wakelock being acquired and not released. I can’t even find any reference to AudioMix. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is killing my Android Vitals on the Play Store! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks @drelaptop!
FYI, I have tested the problem in my game a bit more using adb shell dumpsys power, although I only have a device to test :S. Anyway I will tell you what I discovered using this device (OnePlus A3003 with android 8.0.0).

When downloading the game form the store, an AudioMix wakelock appears when the game is in foreground. It disappears seconds after going background.

When using the same code debugged through Android Studio no wakelock appears, never.

I hope this can be helpful to find the problem :slight_smile:


Any update on this guys?


Any news? It would be very useful for me to fix this :slight_smile: