Art Of Balance - A Balancing Physics Puzzle [HTML5]

Art Of Balance - A Balancing Physics Puzzle [HTML5]

Art Of Balance is a balancing physics puzzle, with a twist: in some levels, the stones will take time to activate. The gameplay is inspired by rock balancing art and visuals are inspired by the masters of abstract art, like Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Sonia Delaunay and others.

Goal of the game is to place all the “stones” from the inventory on the screen, such as they cover the red target areas and they hold in balance.

There are only 20 levels, but they are quite on the difficult side, so good luck! :slight_smile:

It was made with Cocos Creator, coded with Typescript, art done with Inkscape. It took me ~70-80 hours for everything, with most of the time dedicated to craft the puzzles and the associated art styles.

Have funny-fun!

Wow the are looks great. Congrats on releasing. Would you like to do a developer interview with us?

thank you :slight_smile: i’d be most delighted to do a developer interview, i’ll email you shortly.