Arcaea - Rhythm Game

Arcaea - Rhythm Game


Just making this thread as a testimony to games relying on the 3D features of cocos2dx and still being actively developed.


Arcaea is a mobile rhythm game that combines many elements popular in arcade music games while bringing the experience to be available to the whole world.

The game has a strong following in Japan and a fairly keen player-base in the west, with over 2.5million downloads worldwide:
It is also consistently in top-10 rhythm games on both the App Store & Google Play in Japan and numerous other countries.

Here’s some (top level) gameplay by a fan on YouTube:

Some background on development:

I am the main developer of the game which is available on iOS and Android, the project is approximately 3 years old now since it’s conception and back in them days I made the (somewhat regrettable) choice to use Cocos Studio & 3D features of cocos2dx and have been stuck with them since.
While cocos2dx provides a lot of conveniences and is a great way to get started, the 3D support and support for external tools has been very rocky…

We release new content and updates, building on game contents, functionality and game support constantly to this day (in an approximately 1-2month cycle), so I’m always very passionate to express my interest in keeping support for the use-cases that cocos2dx supported 2-3 years ago and for making upgrades to new versions/ new renderers portable to those of us on existing projects rather than just benefiting new users who can throw away their environments and migrate to new ones!

The strongest point of cocos2dx has always been to provide engine functionality comparable to other engines (at a low level) and provide so many conveniences (platform abstraction, scene graph, many useful models such as: transitions, layers, support for csb flat files), without the heavy overhead of a fully 3D, prefab-based engine like Unity, so for v4 onwards to cut back on this functionality (especially the limited 3d support) would be a great loss to the engine landscape…

We even obtain 120FPS on iPad Pros using cocos2dx with no customisation to the renderer! Something nearly unimaginable in Unity!


Ohh men, is this gameplay fast forwarded? or Its normal gameplay speed?



I love the effects. Gameplay from the video looks insane!


@Guykun This is awesome. I totally want to play your game.


Haha, this is completely x1 speed gameplay, it is however the most difficult content in the game.

#6 very nice, I love this game.


what version of cocos studio did you use?
did you modify it?


So this game was a team achievement? May I ask how big the team was?


Whichever is latest at it’s cancellation, no modifications (it’s not even possible since it is closed source).
Studio is mainly just used as a WYSIWYG editor for ui scenes, most of the connections and dynamic layouts are finished through code.

We’re a very split team over sound, level design, programming, server development, however in terms of just app development it’s just the one dev: myself.


That gameplay video!!! wow! :open_mouth:


Played it on the appstore … really loved it! Great work guys!!


I am still amazed by this game. Everything is extremely polished and it is sooo smoooooth…

Did you try to use something like leap motion for controls (on PC)?

What audio engine have you used?


No PC version planned at the moment, leap motion also wouldn’t quite work for our use case as we often have notes above each other (not trackable with leap)

The audio engine is FMOD, it’s a bit of a pain to make play nicely with cocos’ ndk build, but works great once sorted.


so there is no substantial difference between using cocos studio and the latest version of cocos2dx?


I’m not sure what you’re comparing, cocos studio is a visual editor for scene files, cocos2dx is an engine.


yes i am comparing cocos studio with cocos2d-x-3.17.1.
You are saying that you can use cocos studio with cocos2d-x-3.17.1.?


Good job @Guykun, i will try it ASAP :slight_smile:


@Guykun Thanks for your reply. So maybe VR version? I guess it should be easier to control all the movements. It could be “simpler” version of the game.

Once again, congrats!