Apple Game Center 'Designed for Families'


As many will know there are severe restrictions applied by Apple under ‘Designed for Families’. I have failed

Is there any way we can use, for example, SDKBOX with Admob that is acceptable under these restrictions?

Sorry for the somewhat general query.

Apps targeted for Children

Apps that target for children can specify "is_designed_for_families": true

@yinjimmy, thanks for the pointer.

I would like to use SDKBOX to serve ads in a kids game. But, given the restrictions copied directly from Apple quoted below, it would seem to ‘break the rules’. Both by allowing click thru on ads to direct the users out of the app & also by collecting IDFA information. By specifying “is_designed_for_families”: true does SDKBOX conform to the restrictions??

Thanks again

Apple states:

These apps must not include links out of the app, purchasing opportunities, or other distractions to kids unless reserved for a designated area behind a parental gate.

Apps in the Kids Category should not include third-party analytics or third-party advertising. This provides a safer experience for kids. In limited cases, third-party analytics may be permitted provided that the services do not collect or transmit the IDFA or any identifiable information about children (such as name, date of birth, email address), their location, or their devices.