APK protection against unpacking

APK protection against unpacking


as you know, an apk file are ZIP file formatted. so, It’s too easy to unpack.
change extension from apk to zip and extract. that’s all. then we can look resource files such as png, xml, mp3 and so on.
That’s my point. I don’t want to my resources be opened to the public so easy.
my resource files has important information of a game.
I know there is no perfect protection. but i have a duty to try to protect.
is there no tools or libraries about this problem?

god bless you


I need too. Did you find it ?

What kind of resources are we talking about? Game data or images or something else?

assets folder in all file

for sprites, you can apply an encryption algorithm and then decrypt them and then load the files. For data files, you can convert it to binary format.

How can I do can you give an example or to examine the apk file ?

See if you can port this to c++

thank you master