Anyone know about this issue? (New audio engine on iOS)

Anyone know about this issue? (New audio engine on iOS)


Cocos2d-x 3.3 with Lua (Quick 3.3)

It is just one line of code:

The error is below:
cocos2d::experimental::AudioCache::readDataTask(): ExtAudioFileOpenURL FAILED, Error = 2003334207

The mp3 is perfectly work at a new quick 3.3 project with the same code, but it does show the error when I put this code in our project. What more, all of the mp3 file will cause this error with this “play2D” function, and the sound cannot come out.

I search about the error no. 2003334207 but find nothing useful.

Anyone have ideas? It made us have to use the old audio engine.

Why should we need setEnabled(bool enabled) and setTouchEnabled(bool enabled) in the Widget Class?

I also have this problem ,the cocos2d-x version is 3.4 final. :pensive:


I’m seeing this problem for lots of my users, but not all… I personally never had this crash on my test devices.
Crashlytics reports that 59% of crashes occur in iOS9, and 31% in iOS8.
My app uses Cocos2d-x 3.8. Strange.


i also have the same problem , cocos2d-x version 3.10 , app crash when play sound effect ,mp3 file is also ok.


I also have this problem , but it seems to be a random crash.
We are using version 3.11 right now but we plan to upgrade to version 3.13.1 asap.