Any plans to support Windows x64 (64-bit platform)?


Do you have any plans to support x64 on Windows? Now there is only 32-bit support (win32).

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Indeed we decided to support only x64 windows as mac OS, but we don’t know what’s the market share of win32. Support both win32 and x64 windows will take much resource as we should provide two prebuilt libraries for both platforms.

Is there any problem that only support win32?

Well, there is. We have an existing C codebase for a game that compiles to both 32-bit and 64-bit. Both environments may have their own bugs, e.g. relating to the length of integer, for example (this can be different on different operating systems as well, though). If we need to compile the software to both 32-bit and 64-bit for different platforms, there may be different bugs. We were planning to import the C codebase to a Cocos2d-x project on Windows (in Visual Studio) and then compile it to a desktop and mobile game.

Why you need to compile both 32-bit and 64-bit?

I think we do not. But mostly it would be nice to compile 64-bit to all platforms.

What do you think if we only support x64 windows?

Yes, that would be great. 64-bit only is enough.

If somebody would need 32-bit support for some reason, that person could use older versions of Cocos2D-x.

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@zhangxm and maybe to make migration process smooth to win64 (and potentially other platforms/configurations) we will finish ?

@TommiGustafsson got it.
@CrazyHappyGame yep, i think it is enough to update the external libs.

Agree, x64 would be great