Any plans for a game editor entirely made with Cocos?

Any plans for a game editor entirely made with Cocos?
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Hi community!

Are there any plans to create/support a game editor entirely build using Cocos?

I’m asking because now that I’ve revisited the Godot Game Engine, it makes perfect sense to have a game editor build with the same cross-platform framework used for development.

For one thing the UI and controls don’t have to be developed twice separately or independently, but most importantly the editor would be already cross-platform.



Right now our focus is on Cocos Creator as the editor and there are no plans that I am aware of to start a new project.


That would be very cool. I actually tried to start such project using Qt and cocos2d-x sources. It’s can be done… same idea like SpriteBuilderX…

But this editor should be open-sourced as the engine :smiley:


I can’t understand, that you are a QT fanboy. It’s not free (for commercial use), so what is the selling point of it?


For example platform independency?


I think it already is. Cocos Creator is written using electron in javascript and they can easily reuse everything.