[ANN] Deleaker - a tool to find memory, GDI and handles leaks

[ANN] Deleaker - a tool to find memory, GDI and handles leaks

Dear Developers,

One my friend who uses Cocos2d-x just wrote me: why not to post an announcement about your Deleaker to the Cocos2d-x forum?

Well, Deleaker is a resource profiler for C++ developers on Windows to find leaks. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit processes, finds memory, GDI, handles and other kind of leaks. It is fast, easy to use, and its UI is simple and nice. It shows call stack of each leak along with location information:

Deleaker works as standalone tool, and as extension in Visual Studio.

You can download Deleaker trial from https://www.deleaker.com/download.html

Thank you!

Just a question. Is this something like the Open Source valgrind tool?

Valgrind is about heap memory only and it doesn’t support Windows. At the same time, Deleaker is for Windows only (at least currently; but there are plans to support Linux as well).

Hehe, I’m using macOS. That’s why I can’t use your tool yet. I’ve also never used valgrind, but I found it at research time, because I’m using CLion for development and it offers valgrind for analysis.

Can you please tell me if Valgrind can find leaks of file handles, or memory views (I mean ones allocated by mmap)? I am asking because still unsure if it’s a good idea to make Deleaker available on systems another than Windows. Thank you!