[Android] [iOS] Wordcation - Scenic multiplayer crossword game across the USA

Stuck in home, and want to explore new cities with friends and loved ones in real-time? Or do you just love word games and learning new facts about the U.S.?

Check out ExceptioNULL Games’ 7th game created with Cocos2d-x


We wanted to see a cooperative multiplayer word game that children could play with parents in other cities to go on a virtual road trip across the U.S. with each other. Something that spouses and couples can play together on the couch and always stay in sync with one another in real-time. A laid back experience where you’re just solving crossword puzzles together, traveling across the U.S. and learning facts about each place you visit!

If you’re in the United States or Canada you can download the game now on:
Google Play and the Apple App Store

Video Trailers:
Parody Ad Trailer

Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer


It was awesome for us that Cocos2d-x has such a robust networking solution that we were able to leverage, along with the use of Amazon Web Services, to get a working system where players could solve crossword puzzles, and send simple messages to one another in real-time. The solutions are cross platform as well thanks to Cocos2d-x’s use of curl and WebSockets for it’s networking systems. Thanks to the work the Cocos2d-x developer team has already done, we didn’t have to remake any of the basic client networking code in order to get real-time communications with a server. Thanks to the Cocos2d-x staff and contributors for their work!

ExceptioNULL Games truly hopes you enjoy our latest game, Wordcation! :slight_smile: