Android 64bit - intel x86_64

Android 64bit - intel x86_64

This is what I see in my mailbox today:
“By August 1, 2019 , all apps that use native code must provide a 64-bit version in addition to the 32-bit version in order to publish an update.”

My problem is that I released game with Intel x86 bit version.(probably I shouldn’t release x86 at all … but this is what I have right now…).
On August 1, 2019 to release update I have to provide x86_64 as well.

Cocos support arm64 but there is no support for x86_64.

@slackmoehrle @zhangxm @drelaptop could you release cocos2dx-3.17.3 with x86_64 for Android?


Yep, because Android x86/x64 marcket share is small. Why you release Android x64 version?

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I think because he by accident added x86 support and now he’ll be forced to add x86_64 as well.

I think supporting x86_64 is needed, we will also gain from this. For example it’s needed for simulators or on Firebase Testlab virtual devices.

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Yes, I added x86 support and now I am forced to add x86_64 as well.

Remove x86, this should fix the problem

But without x86, you will lose Chromebooks as gaming devices. So it would be better to get proper x86_64 support.

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I have the same problem x86 currently being used. We would like to continue supporting it instead of removing x86.

@dimon4eg do you know for sure removing x86 will even fix the problem?

No, I don’t know. Just guess.

@zhangxm @slackmoehrle do you guys have an idea what the timeline for cocos2dx-3.17.3? Thanks!

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I don’t know an official time-frame yet. We can update this when we know.