Adsense and Cocos Creator

Adsense and Cocos Creator
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Hi, i am making an app with Creator. i want it for web desktop or web mobile. How can i monetizate it ?. I looked for information from Adsense but i dont know how to integrate an Adsense Ads to a Creator app. Can somebody explain if it is possible and and give me an example ?


Maybe this will help

SDKBOX has JS support. I think you use JS, since you are using the Creator. So it must be compatible.


Creator v1.4 menu -> extensions store -> download sdkbox extension.


Thanks for the answers.

When I select: Extension -> Extension Store I get a windows with this text:

{“status”:420,“msg”:"[20408]\u5237\u65b0\u4ee4\u724c\u5df2\u8fc7\u671f\u6216\u4e0d\u5b58\u5728\u3002"} And a picture of “unhappy box”. This is happening since yesterday. I think is an error in the store.

So you think i could create a web and put my app created with Creator and make money with SdkBox ?.