[Adroid][iOS] - My 1st XyloPhone - A virtual xylophone for kids

[Adroid][iOS] - My 1st XyloPhone - A virtual xylophone for kids


Hi there,
We’ve recently launched our very first mobile game, powered by Cocos-2dx (obviously :D)

It’s a virtual xylophone for kids, with songs they can “play along” by following the on-screen indications.

Available on

Here’s a video of actual gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JqPH6yOnCo

Any suggestions is more than welcome.


you mixed android and ios accidentaly


that was actually… a marketing strategy (??) :sweat_smile:

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up @captainflyaway.


Interesting idea! Congrats on releasing. Do you have a video I can send to the team?


Thanks a lot @slackmoehrle!
And yes sir, we have plenty of videos :grin:. We are building a YouTube playlist with all the songs featured in the app (more than a hundred :sunglasses:), but I’ve just added a link to one of them in the original post :wink:


Cool. Thanks.


I cant wait to play Sweet child o’ mine on that xylo! :smile:

Looking good!


Thanks @rodrigofalco!
Regarding your suggestion… all tunes are “traditional songs” (aka “copyright free” songs)… so you might need to wait a little longer (70 years or so) before we can add Sweet child o’ mine :sweat_smile: … but we’ll keep the suggestion in the backlog :wink: