7 year experienced (iOS/Android- Cocos2d-x) for hire

7 year experienced (iOS/Android- Cocos2d-x) for hire
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Hi Guys,
I am looking for remote job for myself. I have 7 years of experience in Mobile Technologies. Co-founded ‘Mizcoin’ A mobile game development company which was acquired in August 2015.
Currently working in Aspiring Minds as Product head for B2B business.

I’ve developed/coded not less than 25 games in Cocos2d/Cocos2d-x, 10 iOS Apps and atleast 5 Android apps.
This was one of the top games I developed. Its a multiplayer cross platform Cricket game built using Cocos2d-x with Nextpeer.


This is my linkedin profile.


Reach me on aneja.nikhil@gmail.com or LInkedin.

Nikhil Aneja


Good luck with that, my experience on here is that very few people both to respond let alone hire people. Would you be interested in collaborating with other developers?


What kind of collaboration it will be? I can collaborate with few people for an upcoming project with one of the top Indian gaming company.