[3.8.1] Build Time is Terribly Slow

Dear CC Team,

I had a terrible experience building web-mobile (haven’t tested with other platforms) with the newest CC. I’m using MacOS on 16" MBP. Here’s the flow:

  1. Created a new Hello World project from Dashboard’s template.
  2. Build for Web Mobile
  3. Build Again (to make sure we are waiting for engine building etc.)

CC 3.8.1 took 165,135 ms
CC 3.7.4 took 32,273 ms

PS: I also had to wait like 10s to start building after clicking on the build button. This is a terrible experience considering that the most critical feature is not thoroughly tested.

Build Log Attached:
web-mobile10-28-2023 14-39.log.zip (10.0 KB)

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Anyone form CC team care to look into this???
It’s been 2 weeks :frowning:

From last 3-4 weeks, no official replied to any post.
I hope Creator is also not died.

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Zzzz zzzz :zzz:

Also raising this topic up, I think many of us will benefit if the build times will be optimized.
But I dont thing that the build time is the most critical optimization that has to be made, because you do it once in a while when you have a new version.

The important things to be fast and to be optimized are the local “run”, opening of the projects, entering animation mode, application of code changes and etc. Like the tasks you do 100 times a day

p.s. Tip - If you are having a concern about the Build time because you have to make actual build every time you want to test something - then probably you need to reconsider your workflow.

Agreed with you on the prioritizing.

However, something that was working fine and now it isn’t (30s vs 3 mins for a simple hello world, for large projects; ~1min vs almost 10 mins. That’s frustrating. Definitely, something is not right here). Therefore, what broken must be fixed.

Ps. I guess, I has nothing to do with workflow.

hope it’s in Cocos-devs interest to keep the framework developer friendly

It doesn’t matter how good the framework and how many features it has if no one willing get frustrated working with those tools

So far it’s still manageable, but I hope this post will be an early sign for Cocos-devs to consider and prioritize stability and usability

have you removed unneeded loaders from the project settings?