2nd camera stops touch events working

2nd camera stops touch events working

Hi Guys, I have been building a project with a colleague, we are oceans apart and have built 2 sections of a single game without really talking to each other much… When i merged to 2 parts together, the touch events stop working in his section of the project. Upon debugging, i notice that A: if i remove his camera from his root node (it is a prefab which my section of the game spawns at the right time) then the touch events work again. If i remove my camera, which is in the canvas node, it appears at first that it is deleted but as soon as i view a prefab and then go back to the root canvas, my camera has magically appeared again.

My questions are as follows.
A: Is it possible to have 2 cameras in a single game. The one attached to the canvas which appears to be impossible to remove does nothing, the one in a prefab does all the correct camera movements etc?
B: why cant i remove the camera from the canvass node?
C:Why would touch events stop working if there are 2 cameras?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: