Xcode 4 templates for inheriting CCNode

Xcode 4 templates for inheriting CCNode
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Please give me some feedback and correct me if there is anything wrong. :slight_smile:


Just updated to work with the latest cocos2d-x updates.
node() to create(), etc.
Also, added options for CCObject and CCSprite as well as CCNode.
Few other small tweaks.

Leo has merged my pull request, so you can get it as his link or here: https://github.com/yourpalmark/cocos2d-x-xcode4-class-template

Also, added another template as well here: https://github.com/yourpalmark/cocos2d-x-xcode4-extended-class-template

This second template is useful for creating classes that don’t directly extend CCSprite, eg: Dog > Animal> CCSprite, instead of just Dog -> CCSprite

Let me know if you have any suggestions.